Updates on Comics & our Self-Isolation period

Diamond announced that comic shipping will likely resume sometime in late May!

DC has jumped the gun and made a lot of retailers really angry (like really angry; The Retailer Forum on Facebook has about 400 negative comments about why they should not be sending stuff for the end of April). We are currently jumping through their hoops to get you guys your comics, but I am hoping they are going to look at the backlash and cancel this plan. I won’t get into it, but it is very bad for stores.

We are also going to self-isolation starting Monday April 20th and ending Monday April 27th. We should be open on Tuesday April 28th at our current reduced hours (12:00-5:00). We will continue to monitor emails and phone calls, so if you have any questions, email us at simon@hourglasscomics.ca or phone us at 604-931-4588.

Sorry for any inconvenience and stay safe!