Dungeons & Dragons

Dragons of Stormwreck Isle is an ongoing campaign
Dungeon Master’s Workshops are a one hour discussion on how to improve your skill at running games.
Get Into D&D Events are now a Demo One-Shot.
Lair Assault is a series of one-shots starting at level 4. All levels of experience are invited to play. Sign up is in store

We are running an Adventurer’s League Icewind Dale game starting in January. Rules for character creation for Adventurer’s League are here.


Saturday January 28th – 1:00 – Dragons of Stormwreck Isle

Sunday February 5th – 12:45 – Adventurer’s League Icewind Dale

Saturday February 11th – 1:00 – Dragons of Stormwreck Isle

Sunday February 19th – 12:45 – Adventurer’s League Icewing Dale

Saturday February 25th – 1:00 – Dragons of Stormwreck Isle

Magic the Gathering

Reject Rare Draft rules:  You must bring in 45 Rare or Mythic Rare (or U1 if they’re really old cards) that you do not want.  You cannot include more than one of any card. You cannot include foreign cards. Rarity is considered only for the printing of the card that you are including (IE some rares have been reprinted in the Masters sets at a lower rarity than the original.  In this case the original rare is allowed, but the reprint would not be)

Friday February 3rd : 6:00 PM – FNM Commander

Saturday February 4th : 1:00 PM – Phyrexia All Will be One Prerelease

Friday February 17th : 6:00 PM – FNM Commander

Games Workshop

Sunday January 29th : 12:30 – Citadel Paint ‘n Take

Sunday February 12th : 12:00 – Warhammer

Saturday February 18th : 12:00 – Warhammer

Saturday February 25th : 12:00 – Warhammer

Sunday February 26th : 12:30 – Citadel Paint ‘n Take

Open Board Games

Sunday February 5th : 12:00 – Open Board Games

Sunday February 19th : 12:00 – Open Board Games

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