Space Marine Contest

Ready your Bolters everyone!

With the release of the new Space Marines Codex, we are doing a painting contest.  Entries must be dropped off on Saturday September 21st in the evening (We close by 7:00) for judging on Sunday September the 22nd.


1 – No Dark Angels, Blood Angels, Grey Knights, or Space Wolves.

2 – Any one Space Marine model may be entered

3 – There will only be one entry allowed per Chapter (IE Ultramarines or Black Templars).  I will choose one on Saturday evening if there are multiples of one Chapter, I will pick one to enter the competition)  Yes, you may make up your own Chapter, which we encourage.

4 – You must actually be a customer.  If I’ve never seen you before, you don’t get entered.  No sniping random Golden Demon winners.

5 – There will be prizes.