Hourglass Comics & Covid-19 FAQ

Q) What’s up with New Comics

A) With stay-at-home orders across the globe, the Publishers, Printers, and the main Distributor of comics are closed, and no new comics will be shipping until the crisis is past. While this is unfortunate, it lowers our expenses considerably, which will help us to ride out the crisis. It also gives customers who have fallen behind a chance to catch up. We can still get some games (one of our distributors is still open)

Q) How’s Hourglass coping as a Business?

A) Well, it’s going to be tough, but we can survive it. The comic market has never been particularly stable, so we have buffers in place to protect us from bad times. This is way worse than we imagined, but we’re coping.

Q) How can I help?

A) Support Local! The best way you can help us is to pick up your pull-file if you have one, order games or graphic novels from us, buy gift certificates, or buy our new War Bonds.

Q) What do you mean, War Bonds?

If you’re like many of our customers, and you regularly buy only new product, we don’t have much for you right now. So we’re introducing War Bonds – a way for you to pre-pay for upcoming products, so you’ll be ready when things start shipping again.

Q) How can I get stuff from you right now?

A) We are allowing one person at a time into the store between noon and 5, Tuesday through Sunday. During those hours, if you prefer, we can bring your orders out to you. In addition, if it helps you, we are happy to do free local delivery. In all cases, it is best to phone ahead: 604-931-4588.

Q) How do I pay? A) We are vigorously disinfecting our debit machine – you can use tap, in person, either in the store, at the door, or just outside. You can pre-pay with a credit card over the phone, or use PayPal. You can also do ETransfer at simon@hourglasscomics.ca